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Respected Faculty Member Turns On UNC Over Scandal

Losing an honored professor emeritus to the other side is damaging.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

As the UNC scandal continues to unfold, as the University takes a different tack, bad news comes from professor emeritus Madeline Levine, who was an interim dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Levine has come out to fully support whistleblower Mary Willingham - and to damn the university's new direction on the scandal.

Levine specifically supports her assertion of at least one functionally illiterate athlete being admitted and goes on to endorse Willingham:

"Mary Willingham was courageous in speaking out about her experience as a reading specialist and academic counselor for such students. It is appalling that the highest officials at UNC – before it became clear that attacking a whistle-blower is not a smart PR move – mounted a concerted public attack on the accuracy of Ms. Willingham’s statistical analysis and, by implication, against her personally, while steadfastly refusing to engage with the core issue that concerns her: the exploitation of student-athletes and the concomitant abuse of the academic values by which a great university should live."

While UNC can go after Willingham, Levine's credentials are too pristine to be smeared or dismissed. She speaks with authority and for, we suspect, a large number of faculty members.

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