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ACC Roundup

Bad news for Georgia Tech as Robert Carter is out with a knee injury.

Folks at Notre Dame are excited to see Jabari Parker play
Folks at Notre Dame are excited to see Jabari Parker play
Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

Tough news for Georgia Tech as big man Robert Carter is out with a torn meniscus.

If things go well, he could be back in a month. Carter was averaging 10.3 ppg and 9.3 boards.

Obviously it's a hit for the Yellow Jackets. Between Carter and senior Daniel Miller, Tech has a pretty reasonable inside game.

It's an opportunity for other guys though. Kammeon Holsey is averaging 6.6 ppg and 5.5 boards in 17.9 minutes. Jason Morris has missed some time and is probably ready to get more involved. Marcus Georges-Hunt has been a real solid player for Brian Gregory.

He can't replace what Carter does; none of them can. But it is possible to rebuild the team with a different identity. It's going to be interesting to see how things go from here, starting in College Park this weekend. Maryland's frontcourt is still up-and-down, so it might not be as bad a matchup as it looks without Carter.

In another possible ACC note, Chane Benahan, late of Louisville, is cleared to transfer to another ACC school, should he so desire - and if an ACC school is interested.

His trip to work with John Lucas is bound to raise some concerns, coming without explanation. Lucas often works with guys who are trying to rehab. Benahan's problems are still murky and that doesn't help.

If we understand correctly, he's only eligible for one semester anyway. A lot of coaches would take that, but is it worth it? Who knows? Big gamble.

The Virginia loss to Tennessee understandably left a bad taste in the Cavalier mouth. The question is, what happens now? How do they respond in Tallahassee?

Joe Harris said this:

"We don’t have enough talent to keep up with all the teams we play from here on out. We need to realize that. The way we’re going to win games is by playing the way Coach Bennett and the staff has ingrained in us and that’s team basketball, offensively and defensively. We’re riding a fine line because we don’t have the talent to match up with everybody.

"It’s not on coach, it’s on us. We’ve got to quit worrying about the outside stuff. It seemed early on we were getting all this praise. We were supposed to be this and that, but really we haven’t proven anything. We need to start realizing our identity and the way we’re going to win games. We have to be unselfish offensively and help each other out defensively."
That's a first step, anyway.

Do we remember correctly that when Stilman White left on his mission, he was supposed to be welcomed back to the team?

He's back, and his erstwhile coach, Roy Williams, says he doesn't have a scholarship available.

Hey, P.J.'s not using his.

But that does lead to an interesting question.

Currently, assuming Luke Davis is on a full ride, UNC has 13 guys, as Roy suggested. And of those, Leslie McDonald is the only senior. Obviously Hairston won't be back or at least won't be back on scholarship.

So that leaves 11...with three freshmen signed.

So either someone is leaving or will be asked to give up their scholarship. Davis or Luke Jackson are the likely candidates.

That kind of does leave Stilman out in the cold.