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ACC Roundup

Good news for State, UNC on Sunday.

A bird's eye view of life in the lane
A bird's eye view of life in the lane
Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

In Sunday's ACC action, a nice dual dose of good news for the Triangle as Carolina extended the 0-forever record against Clemson in Chapel Hill and State pulled out an overtime win over Georgia Tech.

Monday's Games
Teams Times TV
Duke vs. Pitt 7:00 ESPN
Sunday's Results
  • UNC 80 Clemson 61
  • NC State 80 Georgia Tech 78 (OT)
#2 Syracuse 6-0 -- 19-0
#20 Pittsburgh 6-1 .5 18-2
Virginia 6-1 .5 15-5
#18 Duke 5-2 1.5 16-4
Wake Forest 4-3 2.5 14-6
Florida State 4-3 2.5 13-6
Clemson 4-3 2.5 13-6
North Carolina State 3-4 3.5 13-7
Maryland 3-4 3.5 11-9
North Carolina 2-4 4 12-7
Georgia Tech 2-5 4.5 11-9
Notre Dame 2-5 4.5 11-9
Miami (FL) 2-5 4.5 10-9
Boston College 1-5 5 5-14
Virginia Tech 1-6 5.5 8-11
ACC Stats
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TJ Warren, who sat out the win against Maryland, played against Tech and hit the winning shot in overtime.

State started Warren, Kyle Washington, Jordan Vandenberg, Anthony Barber and Ralson Turner, but played best with Warren, Turner, Tyler Lewis, Desmond Lee and BJ Anya.

Still, it was Warren who hit the game winner, and who helped keep State's optimism for the season alive.

We hope the Pack can manage a winning season, but whatever happens, the future will be around Barber, Washington and Anya. All three have to improve sharply, but all three have tremendous upsides.

In Chapel Hill, it was clear early that UNC wasn't taking any chances with The Streak.

Offensive rebounding kept Clemson around for a bit, but ultimately, UNC had little trouble with the Tigers.

UNC has a chance to put together a nice streak: next on the schedule is Georgia Tech in Atlanta, State at home, Maryland at home, with all the motivation that implies, before Duke comes to the Dean Dome for the annual wake-up game. If UNC gets to Duke at 16-7, it's a new season.

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