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10 Longest Home Court Winning Streaks In ACC History

Dick Vitale mugging with the Cameron Crazies
Dick Vitale mugging with the Cameron Crazies
Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

The other day we noted Duke is currently enjoying the longest home winning streak in the ACC. Turns out, with 27 straight and counting, the Blue Devils have the longest home court winning streak in major-college basketball.

Of course this could change at any time. Today, for instance, when Florida State visits Durham.

Leonard Hamilton's defense-oriented clubs have won three of their last five meetings with the Blue Devils. That's the best recent success by any ACC team against Duke. FSU also came out on top in two of its last four appearances at Cameron Indoor Stadium, most recently almost exactly two years ago (Jan. 21, 2012).

Meanwhile the Blue Devils' present run of home success is the eighth-longest in ACC history and the fifth-best at Duke since the 1932 season, when school records began including all game venues.

Extended home court winning streaks may not be synonymous with superior achievement, but at Duke they're certainly suggestive of special results. In fact, that relationship is not unique to Duke. Programs that put together the ACC's top 10 home winning skeins cumulatively achieved six national championships and nine Final Four appearances during those runs.

All of the Blue Devils' NCAA titles came during such bursts of dominance at Cameron.

10 Longest Home Court Winning Streaks In ACC History
School Games Season(s) Pinnacle Result
Duke 46 1997-00 Final Four, 1999
Duke 45 2009-12 NCAA title, 2010
Duke 41 2001-04 NCAA title, 2001
Final Four, 2004
N.C. State 38 1972-75 NCAA title, 1974
Duke 36 1991-93 NCAA title, 1991
NCAA title, 1992
Virginia 34 1980-83 Final Four, 1981
Clemson 29 1988-91 Sweet 16, 1989
Sweet 16, 1990
Duke 27 2013-14 Unknown
Maryland 26 1979-81 Sweet 16, 1980
North Carolina 25 1992-94 NCAA title, 1993