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ACC Roundup

Wake finally gets a road win.

A Virginia Tech fan in a losing cause Wednesday night as Wake Forest wins in Blacksburg
A Virginia Tech fan in a losing cause Wednesday night as Wake Forest wins in Blacksburg
Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

In Wednesday's ACC action, Wake Forest broke on through to the other side and won one on the road. It wasn't a smashing victory - Wake won 83-77 - but as Travis McKie said afterwards, it's only the second ACC road win of his career.

No Games Thursday
Wednesday's Results
  • Duke 67 Miami 46
  • Wake Forest 83 Virginia Tech 77
Syracuse 5-0 18-0
Pittsburgh 5-1 17-2
Virginia 5-1 14-5
Duke 4-2 15-4
Clemson 4-2 13-5
Florida State 4-2 13-5
Wake Forest 3-3 13-6
Maryland 3-3 11-8
North Carolina State 2-4 12-7
Georgia Tech 2-4 11-8
Notre Dame 2-4 11-8
Miami (FL) 2-4 10-8
North Carolina 1-4 11-7
Virginia Tech 1-5 8-10
Boston College 1-5 5-14
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Wake was up 53-36 but let the Hokies back into it: it was 69-60 with 4:39 left. Devin Thomas had 26 points for the Deacs, all but one in the second half.

In Chapel Hill, Chancellor Carol Folt is urging civility as the debate over the athletic program rages on. It's a reasonable and appropriate request, but it would be easier had the university not chosen to obfuscate, because to obfuscate is to irritate and it's one short from irritate to bloviate.

Or something like that anyway.

No doubt she'd like people to quit yelling at her, but candor is the best weapon she has, and like her predecessor, she's very timid about using it.

The N&O launches a mild taunt at UNC coach Roy Williams, saying that his team has become predictable - predictably bad.

Well we all have issues, so no surprise that Roy does. But you know what the N&O missed? The smile.

Take a good look at the smile in that picture of Ol' Roy. You could literally photoshop it into place onto a photo of Sylvia Hatchell. Here, go look for yourself.

No games until Saturday when Florida States heads north for what should be a really interesting game at Duke, Syrcuse and Miami retangle, if that's a legit word, down in Coral Gables, Notre Dame and Wake Forest meet at Joel, Pitt goes to Maryland to lay some wood on the Terps and Virginia and Virginia Tech face off.