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State Talks Some Big Smack For Saturday

But can the Pack back it up?

N.C. State's big men - do they have The Right Stuff for Duke?
N.C. State's big men - do they have The Right Stuff for Duke?
Liz Condo-USA TODAY Sports

Things haven't gone well for State since ACC play started: the Pack is just 1-3 after losing to Wake Forest, and two really bad losses to Pitt and Virginia.

Now, with Duke on the horizon Saturday, Mark Gottfried says the Pack is going to go hard at Duke inside.

Even so, it was nice of the Pack to provide bulletin board material:

T.J. Warren: “We definitely want to get in the interior and try to score inside.They don’t really have any bigs so we want to utilize that and get in and score inside.”

Lennard Freeman: “It’s a guard oriented team. They don’t really have any bigs like outside 6’ 8’’. Jabari [Parker] plays the four and he’s not really a four he’s like a three man. So I think the bigs need to show up. They’re going to have a big impact on this game cause they’re not that big.”

Fair enough: let's match the big men up, with big men being guys over 6-8.

Duke 105.4 46.4 21.3 2.4 2.7 5.2
State 77.2 16.8 17.2 1 4.5 3