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Granny Style Free Throws Return, Thanks To Canyon Barry

For years, Rick Barry has tried to get someone to adopt his underhanded free throw style, and he has at least one good argument: the man is still the third best NBA free throw shooter of all time at just a shade under 90% (.89998).

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His son, Canyon, has taken him up on it. A freshman at Charleston, Canyon is, according to a staff member, pegging somewhere around 87-88%, which is pretty close to his father's standards.

We will say, though, that Canyon tends to lean forward on his shots, where his father's balance was much better. But Canyon blames the shorts: today's bigger pants get in the way of an underhanded shot, so he leans forward a bit.

Here's Barry with Rick Auerbach and Jamaal Wilkes discussing free throws.

Incidentally, Elizabeth, New Jersey, can claim both Rick Barry and Kyrie Irving as hometown products.