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Morris Ban Lifted

As usual, ridicule and derision is a great weapon against public stupidity. And so it appears in the case of The State, the Columbia newspaper which tried to ban columnist Ron Morris from in any way commenting on South Carolina football. Well, they're not anymore.

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The paper had apparently forced Morris to commit, in writing, to never write about Steve Spurrier's team or to comment about it on television or radio.

That's absolutely bizarre for any newspaper, and the McClatchy company, though not without flaws, has never been a particularly cowardly company and has often been quite aggressive about gathering and reporting the news.

We're sorry to say Steve Spurrier has been just such a coward. Dealing with the media is just part of the job, even when the media is obnoxious, confrontational or even vindictive (we're not casting aspersions on Morris; this is a general statement).

It would be nice if The State and The Coach both grew up. Spurrier has always been able to take care of himself. There's no reason why he can't handle a difficult reporter.