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Stillwater Trouble Runs Deep - SI Story Devastating For OSU

The folks at T. Boone U., also known as Oklahoma State, can't be very happy with the Sports Illustrated story about the Cowboy's football program.

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SI just hammers it, and more to the point, has extensive quotes from former players. It's pretty bad, and that's just Part 1 of 5.

Part 2 is academic fraud, Part 3 is Drugs, Part 4 is sex and Part 5 is the fallout.

Incidentally, we didn't realize it, but UNC's Larry Fedora was on the staff during that time. He hasn't been implicated, but it's just one more piece of bad luck that he's associated with this and that, however slightly, UNC is again associated with scandal.

Speaking of T. Boone, he is good and mad - at Sports Illustrated, for dredging up bad news. He'd prefer the magazine focus on the now. This was also preferred by scandal-scarred politicans Eliot Spitzer and Anthony Wiener, both of whom lost in New York elections Tuesday night.

Unfortunately, wanting something to go away doesn't always work. Like the rejected pols, Pickens and his paid-for athletic department may find that this sticks around for awhile.