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Duke Athletes Impress Off The Field

We can imagine pulling for a different school other than Duke. We can imagine it mind you; not that we want to. But the thing is being Duke fans mean you can take pride not just in athletic accomplishments but also academics.

That cuts the list down to a handful: Stanford, Notre Dame, Vanderbilt and a handful of others.

The latest thing to take great pride in: Duke put 474 athletes on the ACC Honor Roll. Here's where the rest finished:

  • Boston College 391
  • North Carolina 329*
  • Virginia 286
  • Florida State 222
  • Virginia Tech 216
  • Maryland 192
  • NC State 181
  • Clemson 175
  • Georgia Tech 157
  • Miami 156
  • Wake Forest 130

*Until they reestablish their good name, UNC's mention here must be taken with a grain of salt.