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This UNC Fan Is So Mad At State Fans He Won't Even Look Towards Raleigh

You know how State fans have really taken off the gloves and gone after UNC? Turns out UNC fans aren't really that crazy about it (imagine that). One guy actually wants to swear State off as a rival. He seems to prefer Duke.

The only problem with that is that State fans aren't going to cooperate. They consider UNC more than just a rival; they see them as an arrogant power to take down a peg or two.

Which between the football scandal and the PJ Hairston case they've actually done.

He does have a point about some of the State fans being essentially nuts. But pursing your lips and turning away is a classic UNC reaction. These guys gave your program a big fat bloody lip. They've been screaming to be acknowledged. At this point it's hard not to. The entire article is a study in muted hate. Give in to the dark side!

Meanwhile Duke fans can just enjoy seeing the intensity ratchet up.