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Anthony Boone's Time Has Arrived

With Sean Renfree off to the NFL, Anthony Boone gets his shot at Duke QB. Boone is much more a running quarterback than Renfree, so look for David Cutcliffe to adapt to his quarterback's strengths.

Speaking of Duke quarterbacks, Thad Lewis was traded from Detroit to Buffalo under less than ideal circumstances: Buffalo's Kevin Kolb sustained a concussion and there is concern that it could be career ending. It's a tough way to make a living.

Speaking of football, as UNC gets ready to visit South Carolina, though it's been awhile, former Duke coach Steve Spurrier left Duke in the rearview most respects, but not all: for years he voted for Duke in the coaches poll, and he still gets a charge out of the chance to beat the Heels. Given his tendency to shoot from the lip, and given UNC's recent woes, don't be surprised if you hear some interesting lines all week.