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SMU Stakes A Claim

Well not many people saw this one coming this spring: Larry Brown took a 5-star recruit away from former assistant John Calipari when 6-5 Emmanuel  Mudaiy picked SMU over Kentucky.

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Calipari has been on a historic recruiting streak in the last few seasons and getting someone away from Kentucky has not been easy.

What's also interesting here is what's not said: yes Brown beat out UK. Yes he also beat out Baylor, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State.

Somehow, the best point guard in Texas, and one of the best nationally, was not seriously considering...Texas. The 'Horns weren't even in his Top Five.

If Rick Barnes can't recruit Texas, he's in worse trouble than it appears.

If Barnes is on the hot seat and gets burned, Texas is a great job for somebody, preferably somebody who recruits Texas well and who is familiar with the Big 12.

We can think of a guy in Durham who would fit that bill well.

Back to Brown: no one has ever questioned his coaching chops, only his wanderlust and starting over in college at 71. But he's on the ball, clearly, and may be moving into the conversation with Euless's 6-11 Miles Turner.

Euless, for the record, is about a 20 minute drive from SMU.