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Dez Wells Sues Xavier

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This should be interesting: Maryland's Dez Wells is suing his old school, Xavier, for (in a nutshell) kicking him out and ruining his reputation.

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More specifically: "The Xavier University Conduct Board, charged with adjudicating the allegations against Wells, failed to follow Xavier’s policies for disciplinary proceedings, conducted a fundamentally unfair hearing and defamed Wells by publicly proclaliming him guilty of rape, materially as a result of Father Graham’s irresponsible and reckless rush to judgment," according to the suit.

We have no idea of the applicable law in Ohio, but having  some knowledge of being expelled from a private school, we can tell you that normal expectations of fair play and so forth don't necessarily apply.  Obviously his lawyers believe they have a case, though, and if you get in front of a jury, who knows?

We do recall that the prosecutor, an apparently honorable man, dropped charges and made a real effort to tell people that the charges should not be taken seriously. This is very different from prosecutors in, say, North Carolina (or West Memphis, if you've seen that stunning documentary), where you stand by the charges even if everyone else knows they're a crock.

We're not saying that Wells is a saint or anything, but when the prosecutor stands up and says the charges are ridiculous, well, it's hard to argue with him.

As for his case, we'll have to wait and see.