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ESPN's Quick Season Preview For The ACC

ESPN has a Summer Shootaround up for the ACC with a quick breakdown of every ACC team.  Here's an excerpt from the Duke comments:

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"What makes this Duke season especially fascinating is the arrival of arguably the most talented player Mike Krzyzewski has ever coached: Chicago's Jabari Parker...He is a good but not freak athlete on what has to be some vague outer limit of teenage offensive versatility...It is going to be fascinating to see how he and Coach K -- who may be the best ever at tailoring his team's style to its talent -- put those skills to work. So a best-case scenario isn't just a national title. It's a chance to see a transcendent young talent play for one of the greatest coaches ever. Does that sound like something you might be interested in?"

Why yes it does. Keenly.

We might quibble a bit with one thing: until someone surpasses him on the court, Grant Hill is the most talented player Coach K has ever had. It could conceivably have been Corey Maggette if he hadn't been in a hurry.

Looks like Duke will be playing in the Champions Classic for a few more seasons: the four teams (KU, UK and Michigan State along with Duke) have all agree to keep it going for another three years.

That's great news. It's become one of the real highlights of an often disjointed early part of the season.