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The Ivy League Takes A Digital Lead

Friday, we suggested that, given all the changes in broadcasting and technology, a smaller conference, like say the Ivy League, should go digital and see what happens.

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As is happens, as Carl points out to us, the Ivy League already has and will launch on the 21st, on which date Hawaii became a state 52 years ago and which is also the 182nd anniversary of Nat Turner's Rebellion, one of the more extraordinary events in American history.

The league is charging just $95.95 (the regular price is $119.95; they're running a promotion) for which you "get access to all games, events and content for the entire league for the whole year."

You know, at that price, it's tempting even for an ACC fan. We'd like to see the Ivy League add some social aspects and some other bells and whistles, but in general, it's a smart move - and one a lot of leagues can't do because of previous contracts and obligations.

You could also get, say, Tommy Amaker's Harvard (all sports) for $71.95.