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Laettner, UK's Feldhaus Together Again

As time goes on, Christian Laettner's connection to the 1992 Duke-Kentucky game keeps evolving. Of course he's the dominant figure, the guy who hit "The Shot" and who keeps popping up every March.

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On the other hand, though, he's made some real efforts to reach out to Kentucky fans. He coached an exhibition game in Rupp, made a commercial with Rick Pitino, who got to mutter "I hate Duke at the end," and now is speaking with Deron Feldhaus, who defended him on that shot, and auctioning a unique jersey with Feldhaus as well.

At some point, Kentucky fans should recognize his arrogance has receded and that he feels a strong connection with their program. It's an interesting twist. Laettner liked playing the bad guy, the lightning rod, but if he really were like that, he'd have spent decades rubbing it in. He's not interested in that.