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Maryland's Woes A Long Way From Being Resolved

One thing we had not heard in the ACC-Maryland dispute: the conference is withholding Maryland's cut of conference revenue against the money Maryland owes for leaving the ACC.

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The Twerps, naturally, are not happy about it. Already deep in the hole, Maryland would have been down about five or six million, but now are on the hook for $21 million.

President Wallace Loh is hacked off at the conference, saying that "[t]hey continue withholding revenues that are rightfully ours."

Honestly, what did he expect? All this happened in secret, in violation of Maryland law, much less the bonds of the conference which held for a long time.

With or without the ACC revenue, and even if Maryland skates on the money owed the conference, long-term trends are not good: the Big Ten won't make full payouts until 2020 and the athletic department won't be profitable again until 2017-18.

Football is not selling well and the Big Ten teams are likely to beat Maryland senseless for at least the next several years, so the thrill of watching Ohio State crush them won't be much nicer than the thrill of Florida State doing it.

Additionally, as nice as the Comcast Center is for basketball, it's not much use for anything else (this reminds us somewhat of the Dean Dome having to compete against the ESA, Greensboro and the Charlotte Coliseum - and without parking at the arena).

Maryland also wants to build a new indoor practice facility for football, but there's no way to pay for that now. The university plans a capital campaign, but those haven't done well lately at Maryland and there are going to be some people who are still unhappy about leaving the ACC.

All in all, challenges abound.