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PAC-12, CBS, Reflect Growing Competition In TV Market In Different Ways

Two more signs of the disruption which is coming to televised sports: first, the PAC-12 has so little leverage with DirecTV that it is reduced to campaigning for people to switch providers, perhaps not realizing that DirecTV, unlike cable, requires a contract and that there are penalties for early termination.

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And second, CBS has updated its iPad app and will now provide live broadcasts.

Both are interesting for several reasons: first, the obvious one of developing disruption.

Second, the PAC-12, despite owning the West Coast and beyond, can't get on DirecTV and has given up trying, or at least has resorted to guerilla tactics.

And third, CBS's move is interesting by itself, but more so in light of the conflict with Time Warner and retransmitting CBS stations (we haven't heard anything about this being resolved so we assume it's ongoing).

CBS has asked TWC for a 600% increase for retransmission rights. Meanwhile, the Eye is trying to go around cable entirely by things like the new app and also with an investment in Syncbak.  Like Aero, Syncbak, if successful, could cut sharply into cable profits.

Toss in cord cutting and ever-higher prices, and cable/satellite is facing some real pressures.