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Here's Your Best Chance Ever To Be A Mensch - And To Help Heal Newtown

Like everyone, we were absolutely sickened by the events at Sandy Hook Elementary. Like many of you, we wanted to do something, anything. If you felt that too, here's your chance to make a difference:

Our pal Alan Helfer, who lives in Newtown, has helped to organize the, a non-profit organization to - well, it's better to quote the site here:

Restore Provide for the immediate needs of the families of the 26 victims, those who were wounded but survived, the 12 children who were first-hand witnesses, and the others affected.
Remember Contribute toward a lasting, meaningful, physical memorial honoring the lives lost on December 14, 2012, and establish academic scholarships for future generations of Newtown students.
Renew By restoring and remembering, we will move our community ahead, together, starting today and forevermore. We have always been a united Newtown, and we will remain connected through that bond. We refuse to be defined by this tragedy. And we are committed to ensuring there are New Days Ahead.

It's an immensely decent undertaking. The fund is also auctioning several items, including several golf packages at superb courses and also  Duke basketball tickets.

Won't you take a minute and bid on something? Even if you get outbid, you've helped to push the ultimate price higher, and the proceeds go to something truly worthwhile. Nothing can bring back those who were so viciously slaughtered, but we can make a difference in the lives of the survivors, the children most of all.

You can place your bids here. This is a special auction and we really hope you'll support it. We're pretty sure they'd be open to donations as well.