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USA Basketball On The Move

Well it's official now: USA Basketball is leaving Colorado Springs for Tempe, near where Jerry Colangelo lives, which will be very convenient for him.

There are big plans afoot: the facility is on a 10.5 acre parcel. The organization will have access to a 4,500 seat multi-purpose facility and a 330 room hotel.

There is an athletic infrastructure in Phoenix, where the Suns, Cardinals and Diamondbacks all have significant training facilities.

Being close to a major state university (Arizona State) also brings benefits - aside from the various research programs which might be available, the athletic department has top-flight facilities, trainers and various other things which might be made available to USA Basketball on a formal or informal basis.

Former NC State coach Herb Sendek, now at ASU, had this to say to the Phoenix paper:

“It’s a tremendous testament to Jerry Colangelo, (ASU President) Dr. (Michael) Crow and (ASU Vice President for Athletics) Steve Patterson. If you look at the leadership those three are providing on their respective fronts, it's not a coincidence this facility is going up on Mill Avenue.

“It makes sense on so many different levels. It really is exciting for the economics of the area and potential job growth. It's a win-win on every level.”