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Hood Ready To Make Debut

If, as Coach K says, versatility will be the hallmark of this year's team, then the heart of that versatility will be in a pair of forwards who are capable of playing any position on the court except center.

We were really intrigued and excited to read somwhere recently that Jabari Parker had an "astonishing" understanding of the game.

We're just as intrigued about the things we've heard about Rodney Hood.

Hood told the AP that "he sees himself as a shooting guard on offense and a small forward on defense."

We heard consistently last year that he was the best player on the team. Mason Plumlee also praised him highly after the season.

All in all, Hood and Parker have the potential to be superb separately but brilliant together.

Incidentally, speaking of versatility, if you saw the picture we linked to the other day where Semi Ojeleye's vertical is getting close to the top of the backboard, it occurred to us that at 6-7 and 230, if needed, Ojeleye could put in some minutes as a post defender. He's bigger and stronger than Robert Brickey was and jumps at least as high. It's not where he'll be for his entire career, but for a year, if needed, why not?