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Friedlander On State's Prospects

Brett Friedlander has a column up on State's prospects and expectations. They lost a lot, true, but sometimes losing players can be a good thing. We're not talking about Richard Howell, who became one of the most admirable players in recent conference history, but the other departees all had their issues.

Scott Wood was a sensational shooter but honestly, what else did he bring? Not very much. He was superb at one aspect of the game, and plenty of people defended him well during his career.

Lorenzo Brown at times was superb; at other times something less than that.

Rodney Purvis didn't stick around long enough to show what he could do.

And CJ Leslie, who was as talented as anyone in the country, at times just disappeared.

Between Cat Barber and Tyler Lewis, State should have a reasonable point guard, though defense may be an issue.

Sophomore TJ Warren can become a much better player than Leslie despite not having as much talent.

There are lots of questions, to be sure, but Beejay Anya, Lennard Freeman and Kyle Washington all have the potential to contribute in the frontcourt. Ralston Turner and Desmond Lee could both be significant players at guard.

It'll be a very different team but potentially a really good one.