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More On Stevens To Celtics

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As happy as Brad Stevens likely is to be the new coach of the Celtics, Butler surely isn't thrilled and the Big East must be very unhappy. Stevens is the driving force behind Butler's rise and has led them through two conference shifts. His youth and obvious talent made Butler a prized expansion target.

Still, it's not like Butler came out of nowhere. The school has a long and proud basketball history. They had several good coaches before their best, and they'll have more after Stevens is gone. It's a great school with pride and tradition and that doesn't just fade away.

For Stevens, who has always given the impression of being just a college guy, the NBA has always been an aspiration.  It's just that no one ever thought to ask the right question. That he looks 19 might have something to do with it.

Boston of course is a dream job. Red Auerbach built something enduring, starting in the '50s. Having a chance to live up to that standard is a tremendous opportunity.

On the other hand, a lot of college coaches have tried the NBA and failed: Rick Pitino (succeeded with the Knicks, an utter failure in Boston), Leonard Hamilton, Lon Kruger, solid coaches all. Billy Donovan was going to try and backed out before he started.

So how about Stevens?

Well, we'll see. A master of analytics, he is a new era coach. He'll spot guys like Shane Battier who might slip through a more conventional analysis. He's also got quite a few early picks and time to build.

And of course if it doesn't work out, like the guys mentioned previously, he can always return to college and continue his brilliant career there. He'd have his pick at any time.