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Hairston Suspended After Latest Ticket

Here's the question of the day: is PJ Hairston that arrogant? Or is he really just amazingly stupid?

Hairston, who has two previous speeding tickets in two cars apparently rented for him, picked up a third Sunday, doing 93 in a 65, in a 2008 Acura.

First, though, let's consider the stupidity of the situation: we can think of nowhere else in our society where driving someone else's car would cause this much hassle. On a rational level, the NCAA just doesn't make sense anymore.

That said, when you agree to play for an NCAA school, you accept the NCAA rules. Roy Williams, apparently having had enough embarrassment for now, has suspended Hairston "indefinitely." That could mean anything - until basketball season? Until, as Hayes Permar suggested, the Kentucky game?

On the scale of ACC stupidity, it's right up there with Chris Washburn stealing a stereo and leaving size 18 shoeprints behind which narrowed local suspects immediately

It occurs to us that when Hairston announced for UNC, he complained about Duke's recruitment because his name was consistently misspelled - ironic since Duke had recruited a saner Hairston from Virginia just the year before.

Well, good news, PJ - everyone knows exactly how to spell it now.