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Miles Traded To Suns

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One year into the league, Miles Plumlee has been traded: the Pacers have been after Luis Scola for a long time and finally got their man. The price was Plumlee, Gerald Green and a protected first-round draft pick.

He'll have some competition: Alex Len is there now, though recovering from surgery, the Morris twins are as well, the still flaky Michael Beasley is on the roster, as well as Channing Frye and rookie Alex Oriakhi.

We don't know anything about Marcin Gortat, a Pole, but he averaged double figures last year.

Gerald Green, just 27, is on his seventh team and has an outside shot at playing for the most teams of anyone in NBA history.

The Sun's Ryan McDonough likes Plumlee's potential. He told the Phoenix paper that "[h]e rebounds well and he’s an athletic big man who can run the floor and get out and finish on the break. I like him and his potential. He’ll fit right in with how we want to play."

As for the Pacers, they are gearing up for a run at the Heat. Miami will have to go through them and possibly the Nets now as well.