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Kyrie After Mini-Camp

After the mini-camp, Kyrie Irving was asked if he thought he'd make the U.S. team. "I hope so. I hope I can make the team. I hope I impressed him."

Him being Coach K. But he impressed Krzyzewski a long time ago.

The key, says new assistant Tom Thibodeau, is not individual talent but how the talent meshes. As Krzyzewski says, with Ty Lawson, Damian Lillard, John Wall and Mike Conley, there are a lot of really good point guards to consider.

But, as he also says, Kyrie has "that flair."

That he does. Most of you probably saw the clip from last summer when he went through the U.S. team like a knife through butter.

We remember too, in his brief Duke stint, watching Michigan State try to triple-team him.

He's not as fast as Lawson or Wall, but he has a real command of the game.  We've never seen anyone quite like him. He's going to be hard to turn down.