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UNC's Hairston May Face Significant Penalties

According to John Infante, who used to be a compliance officer at two different schools and who runs a site called the Bylaw Blog, the NCAA is very likely to rule that PJ Hairston accepted an extra benefit when he drove the rental provided by Haydn "Fats" Thomas. That could be followed by a serious suspension.

He would also likely be required to repay the costs incurred for the rental, including towing.

Speaking of UNC, Mike DeCourcy is less than impressed with the most recent revelation about the faculty and how a report was modified to placate the NCAA.

Luke DeCock is similarly appalled.

By the way, speaking of UNC and investigations, let's put something in perspective: the Duke-UNC rivalry is often called the best in the country, and that's true - on the court. Off the court, no one hates UNC like State fans. Duke has a mutual respect with UNC because of basketball; State just has rage. And it's an impressive rage, too.

The quick work State fans made of Michael McAdoo's plagiarism was phenomenal. They also turned a harsh spotlight on PH Hairston's rental, identifying Haydn "Fats" Thomas before any local media did.

Now, we don't know if State fans are behind this petition to the White House to ask President Obama to "[i]nvestigate the fraud and misuse of federal funds involving athletics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill," but given how things have played out lately, who else? Only 99,886 to go!

Listen up, Duke fans: State and Syracuse fans are on a different level currently (arguably Virginia Tech, too, but that's another matter). You'll need to up your game to compete.