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A Non-Duke Recruiting Story

Duke's not involved with Josh Perkins, and it might be just as well: Perkins cut his list to five: UCLA, Minnesota, Gonzaga, UConn and Kentucky, and it sounds like his dad is trying to place him somewhere where he'll be in a starring role.

Perkins and his buddy Rashad Vaughn were talking about being a package, but the elder Perkins  shot that down:

“That’s kid’s talk,” he told “They don’t know what’s best. It’s a dynamic duo for sure. That kid is quite the talent. They base stuff on relationships. Where the game’s concerned, when you bring in another kid that commands as as many touches as you do you have to make sure that the institution that is recruiting you wants that.

“The institution that wants you wants the ball in your hands. When you bring in another kid that requires the ball that much, it’s not a good fit.

“When it comes to the friendship thing, these institutions have their own needs and it doesn’t always consist of having two kids who require a lot of touches.”

So there, kids. Fast lane only: no passing!

Obviously, his dad wants what's best for him, but a lot of times, family members think they know stuff they don't. Shooters are a dime a dozen. Specialist (think Rodman) have value, but guys who know the whole game are invaluable.