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Golden Could Push Tech Towards Tournament

Jeff Borzello of thinks that Trae Golden could push Georgia Tech up to the bubble and possibly into the NCAA tournament.

Could be.

The interesting thing about the ACC, even with expansion, is that you really can't count any team out completely.

You can segment the conference, though.

You can reasonably assume that Duke, UNC, Syracuse, Notre Dame, Louisville when they arrive and probably Pitt will be tough year in and year out. You can also reasonably peg Virginia, State and Florida State as consistently in the middle.

But who goes consistently at the bottom? You know Wake will eventually be competitive again, whether under Jeff Bzdelik or someone else. BC is coming back and before their decline they were very tough. Same for Georgia Tech, which has after all been to two Final Fours.

Miami won't be easy while Jim Larranaga is around, although this year will be about rebuilding.

That really leaves Virginia Tech, with an unproven coach, and Clemson, with a tremendous coach, at the bottom.

Compare that to the Big East of recent years, pre-split obviously, where a third of the conference was reliably noncompetitive.

Incidentally, as the ACC has risen back to the top, at least in theory, they have fallen alphabetically: ESPN now lists the America East, the new American and the Atlantic 10 ahead of the ACC.

We can buy the first two, but in what world does the Atlantic 10 come before the ACC alphabetically?