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A New Look ACC Kickoff

As an ACC Kickoff like none before got underway with Syracuse and Pitt joining the party, despite the sense that there is a period of stability in the ACC, not all is golden.

The conference has expanded and gained a certain stature, true, but there is a price to be paid. Carolina has lost its reputation, a broke Maryland bolted for the Big Ten, Syracuse faces an NCAA inquiry in basketball, while Miami still has a big cloud looming.

Commissioner John "Ninja" Swofford says he hopes for a rapid decision from the NCAA. The ruling should come down in 6-8 weeks. If Miami is displeased,expect a lawsuit, and with some justification, given what we've seen of the NCAA process.

Not surprisingly, the football schools - we used to make this distinction about the Big East, and it didn't work out to well for them - the football schools are pushing to dump the equal revenue sharing the ACC is famous for, and Swofford seems to think that will happen.

Well if we do that, can the schools which bring in big money from the NCAA tournament keep it too? Duke and UNC are almost always the big earners there. Fair's fair.

He also says that Maryland "deserves the very best" in their farewell season, a sentiment likely not shared by many in the conference, as perhaps reflected by their scheduling. In this Washington Post article, Maryland grad Scott Van Pelt tweet is quoted as being upset that only "2 charter members visit CP - wake & UVA. Ok."

You know, whatever. If Maryland is gone, the rest of the ACC might as well get a shot at padding their bowl and NCAA resumes.

Honestly, the university was deceptive about leaving, basically lied to their conference partners, and then are upset at things like scheduling? There's a word for that. We won't use it, but you can catch it at any Maryland sporting event. We'll use chutzpah instead.

Back to UNC: it's not yet clear that the entanglements with Hadyn "Fats" Thomas end at the Chapel Hill city line.

Aware of that, Duke coach David Cutcliffe has met with his team to see if anyone other than the departed Desmond Scott has ever met Thomas and to remind them to be aware of who they associate with.

Top 10 most important players for 2013 Duke football: