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Georgia Tech Finds A Point

Needing a point guard, Georgia Tech came up with one fairly late in the game. Bonus: he's experienced and successful. Extra bonus: he's likely to be immediately eligible. Possible drawback: Trae Golden left Tennessee with rumors of academic impropriety and an unpleasant rumor about an inappropriate relationship with one Jenny Wright, the former director of student judicial affairs.

It's a poor choice for a job title since she was investigated for having inappropriate relationships with student-athletes, hence the rumor.

In his favor, if Golden was guilty of repeated plagiarism, as the Knoxville paper maintained, he'd have had a tough time gaining entrance to Tech, wouldn't he?

All this will of course come up as he goes around the conference, but if he is the final piece and helps Tech get to the NCAAs, most people around Tech will be indulgent.