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Realignment Day Brings Confidence, Confusion

As the ACC kicked off celebrations for the now-15 member conference,  John Swofford seems content and says there is no more expansion on the horizon.

the new AAC and the new Big East also got rolling. As the realignment was chaotic and confusing, so are the debuts.

UConn, left out of the new ACC despite ardently wooing the league, put up an image of the AAC and its members - but left out Central Florida.

ESPN, which is in the same state as UConn and just 45 miles or so away, nonetheless put UConn in Massachusetts.

ESPN wasn't done, however: the Leader had another map which had, according to Deadspin, nine of the ten AAC teams mislocated (with UConn again in Massachusetts, Memphis nearly in Kentucky and Louisville a few miles from the Indiana border, among others.

Not that everything was perfect for the ACC, either: the official conference site had Pitt at 0-12 in football. Welcome to the club, fellas