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Duke, UNC Skipping Pro-Am

This is a drag: both Duke and UNC players will skip the NC Pro-Am.

Duke's Matt Plizga tells the Herald-Sun that "[d]ue to some scheduling conflicts and general timing, our players are not expected to participate in the pro-am at this time."

For his part, UNC's Steve Kirschner says that "None of [UNC players] chose to play in the league this year."

Of course, after questions arose about PJ Hairston and agent Rodney Blackstock showing a certain familiarity at the event, UNC's absence may be more understandable. Duke's too, for that matter. Why court trouble if you don't have to?

Still, it's too bad. Maybe Jerry Stackhouse and his brain trust can figure out a way to screen out agents and runners. Hard to see, but they could probably talk to guys who are at AAU events on a constant basis (Dave Telep, Clint Jackson and so on) and get an idea of who's trouble.