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Wake's Wellman May Have Made A Serious Miscalculation

While we do appreciate the site, we think that  tends to get carried away with its vendetta towards Wake coach Jeff Bzdelik and A.D. Ron Wellman.

We've been on record about this several times and not just regarding this particular site. We think that Wellman is generally a smart guy and Bzdelik started with a lousy hand and it took awhile to get rid of the idiots the program had accumulated.

He deserves a chance.

All that said, and we stand by it, the site has an entirely valid criticism when it criticizes Wellman's hiring of former Krispy Kreme CFO Randy Casstevens as the Associate Athletic Director of Finance.

The site's animus occasionally gets in the way, but the bottom line is, well, the bottom line, except when it's not.

Come again?

When he was at the World's Greatest Doughnut Company, Casstevens, along with other executives, systematically inflated Krispy Kreme's sales in order to inflate the stock price, and worse yet, then sold a large amount of stock.

He might be the smartest guy in the world, but he's lucky not to be a convicted felon. We can't imagine what Wellman was thinking. Even if he turns out to be a great hire, he'll never escape the infamy. There's been a lot of talk lately about the (failed) UNC way, but there is also a Wake way.

This just doesn't seem like part of that.