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Collins, Wildcats Get A Recruiting Coup

Anyone who has ever talked to Chris Collins knows that he has great potential as a coach. His move to Northwestern was questioned by some (not least of all here), but if anyone can succeed there, it's Collins.

Evidence of progress is nice, of course, and since he hasn't coached a game, the only visible evidence is in recruiting.

And as it happened, Collins has picked up a nice recruit: 6-7 Vic Law out of South Holland, Ill. That's about 40 minutes from campus, so Collins' first major recruit is essentially local. That's huge.

He told Law that he'd have the chance to be The Guy, that Northwestern would use him in much the same way Duke used Gerald Henderson a few years ago.

Law had previously been recruited by Collins' predecessor, Bill Carmody, who made a negative impression on the family. Check out what Law's dad says: "When we went up there to visit, Carmody came across as arrogant -- like that the university would sell itself, and either you want to come here or you don't. And I'm saying to myself, 'You haven't won anything!' You had a sour taste in your mouth when you left, and to be honest with you, had Carmody still been there, we never would have considered Northwestern. Not ever. That's how bad it was for us."

Law liked the school and his sister is at nearby Loyola, but Carmody was a clear turn-off. Getting him is a coup for Collins and his staff.