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Quinn Cook - The Key For Duke?

Quinn Cook is going to be really critical for Duke this coming season. Although he has a superbly reliable backup in Tyler Thornton, Cook has the potential to be a special point guard. In fact, he was one at times last year, although he didn't maintain it the entire season. But the potential was clear.

Given what Duke has this year, with Jabari Parker, Rodney Hood, Rasheed Sulaimon and the rest, given the potential explosiveness of this group, the team needs a steady leader. Lots of guys could step up, but Duke has always run best when the point guard is an important leader.

On a personal level, Cook can move from a really good point guard to a great one in the category of guys like Tommy Amaker, Bobby Hurley, Jason Williams, Chris Duhon and Jon Scheyer.

David Mulholland has a nice breakdown of Cook's game, what he could work on, and his potential.