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Spurrier Mocks Notre Dame, Repeats Call To Pay Players

College football is going to be a lot more boring when Steve Spurrier hangs up his whistle.

At the SEC media day, Spurrier opined that Notre Dame should join the ACC in football ("We just started trying to figure out why the athletic director of Notre Dame is equal to all the conference commissioners. Nobody had a good answer except that's the way it's always been done...For whatever reason, all 14 of our head coaches thought that Notre Dame should join the ACC and play football like the rest of us.") and that football and basketball players should get paid.

He suggests around $300 per game, which might be fine for the rest of the country, but for most of the SEC, it'd be a paycut.

As puckish as Spurrier can be, though, SEC commissioner Mike Slive sounds like he wouldn't mind going a few steps further.