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Kyrie's New Weapons

When Kyrie Irving was drafted by Cleveland, the Cavs were a miserable, shattered franchise. He brought hope, but he clearly needed help.

He's got some now. The Cavs have made a number of smart off-season moves and now have enough players to be trouble for most teams in the league.

Among their moves was signing Andrew Bynum, which may or may not pay off. Bynum has taken some criticism for his maturity, but here's the thing: if he's healthy and engaged, Irving will make him a much, much better player.

For an example, although not a perfect one, consider Mason Plumlee's play before Irving was hurt in his freshman year at Duke. Plumlee knew that Irving was going to get him the ball where he could use it and as a result, his play was off the charts.

He wasn't nearly as effective when Irving went out. That's not a knock on Plumlee, but rather an indication of just how much impact a really good point guard can have on a big man.

Bynum is capable of averaging 20/10. If he gets anywhere close to his best days with the Lakers, the Cavs are going to be very happy indeed.