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Brilliant Wilt Chamberlain Video Surfaces

Although the rest of this video is extremely grainy, in the highlights from a Kansas-Colorado game, you can kind of get the idea of how Wilt Chamberlain is in the process of changing basketball.

There are some truly stunning things to see. First there is Chamberlain beating everyone down court. If it were a footrace, he would have looked like Usain Bolt. Secondly, there is a block where he simply plucks the ball out of the air. How intimidating would that be?

This is the early, skinny Chamberlain - he was one of the first big basketball stars to seriously lift and within a few years, he wasn't just tall and fast, he was tall and fast and stronger than hell too.

You can see the outlines, though. If anyone has any questions about whether he could play today, focus on his speed, his reaction time and his willingness to take it to the other team.

He was just on a different plane athletically. You could put him in a class with Jim Brown, Bo Jackson, Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali as guys who were just transcendent, freak athletes.

It'll be a long time before we see anything like him again.