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Pe'Shon Howard Update

Here's an update on Pe'Shon Howard, the former Maryland point guard who is much more at home in L.A. than he was in College Park. He's just the latest ACC guy to go to USC or the PAC-12. Well, his transfer isn't official yet, but we'd be surprised if it didn't go through.

Part of the reason why he left was because his grandmother has cancer. He's helping to take care of her. Check out what his grandfather says:

"It wasn’t that pleasant for either one of us, the conditions and the circumstances. He’s doing better as he understands her circumstances a little more. He’ll make the adjustment well and accept the responsibility that he will get from it."

Aside from being home with his family, Howard will get to play for the hot coach of the day, Andy Enfield, who moved from Florida Gulf Coast to SC after the season concluded. Southern Cal has been a graveyard for coaches for a long time; we'll be interested to see how he does.