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Alford Ripped Again

We're not quite there, but we're getting close to feeling for Steve Alford. We would be closer if his misery wasn't so much of his own making.

Still, for a guy who moved to an elite job, Alford can't catch a break.

The LA Times compares his deal to Wooden's - and his ethics as well - and Alford comes off worse for the comparison.

Or maybe not.

They don't get into the Sam Gilbert business, which might see Alford come off a bit better than Wooden actually, since Wooden apparently knew about Gilbert's activities, but then again, Wooden probably wouldn't have tolerated what Alford excused at Iowa.

Actually, we thought that Gilbert was primarily guilty of naughty booster stuff. We had no idea that Gene Bartow felt his life was in danger from Gilbert (he actually thanked the NCAA for not investigating UCLA in 1976 because of his concern about Gilbert). We did remember that he was indicted but didn't realize what a shady character he apparently was.

UCLA still has scholarships in his and his wife's names, so maybe there's enough cesspool for everyone.