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Parrish On Okafor And Jones

Gary Parrish has a piece up on Tyus Jones and Jahlil Okafor as they get started at Peach Jam. He's asking to see if anyone can remember two Top Five recruits planning ahead of time to attend the same school; no one can.

For Duke fans, the exciting part is that Duke's clearly in the mix, along with Baylor, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan State and Ohio State, meaning that Greg Paulus, now able to recruit as a full-time assistant, will recruit head to head with his former coaches.

We don't know the other school's situations inside out, but they could be stepping into a great situation at Duke with lots of talented young players. It'd be interesting to see what impact their choice of Duke might have on Jabari Parker, who has already suggested he wouldn't mind playing more than the now-standard one year.