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Fan's Guide Discussion - Where We Are Now

Recently we asked you guys what you thought about doing a Barry Jacobs' Fan's Guide for Duke for the upcoming season. We want to thank everyone for your input; it was truly useful. After careful reflection, here's what we're going to do.

For this fall, we're going to hold off.  We explored several options before deciding, and the equations came out about the same.

There are several things to consider. A number of people wanted print versions, so we have to look at having someone do layout and graphics. We're not at all sure what that will cost yet.

And there's the basic problem of funding it. In a perfect world we would have been able to address that much earlier but for various reasons we simply couldn't.

A number of you suggested a Kickstarter campaign, and we agree, it's a smart approach.

That's a minor learning curve too, though, and it's not something you want to screw up. You don't get many second chances in a Kickstarter world.

There's also the basic question of time: we can rush something or do it correctly. That's an easy choice.

So all that said, here's what we're looking at: holding off this fall, researching the costs of doing a print version and mounting an effective Kickstarter campaign in the New Year.

If any of you have experience with Kickstarter or pulling together a publication and would like to share it with us we'd be really happy to gain from your experiences.

Thanks again for all the suggestions and support. We'll be talking more about this as the year goes on.