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UNC Woes Continue With Nyang'oro, Hairston

At some point you'd think Carolina would just say (collectively), look, this ridiculous scandal has dragged on long enough. Put it all out there so we can get on with it.

Hasn't happened and now there's another hit: newly released e-mails reveal an unfortunately close relationship between Julius Nyang'oro, former chair of the Afro-American Studies Department and Jaimie Lee, an academic counselor for athletes (and her department in general).

We've wondered for some time what his motivation could possibly be; after reading this, it wouldn't surprise us if he were simply a jock sniffer or, possibly, the academic support staff found out that he was susceptible to flirtatious behavior. You know the old saying - no fool like an old fool.

Still, it seems more likely to us that the movitation would be something more concrete.

Meanwhile, in New Scandal Land, the Durham Police Department offers (just a bit) more information on the arrest of UNC's PJ Hairston.