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Gordon Gee Gives Up

Ohio State President Gordon Gee, who recently embarrassed his university by saying, among other things, that "you can't trust those damn Catholics," has decided to retirethough earlier he had said he was going to stay on. We're tempted to say you can't trust those damn Mormons, but he made our point for us already.


His retirement comes in about three weeks, on July 1st, which suggests he was encouraged to take the step. Presumably now he can count his bowties, of which he has thousands, and possibly inventory his shoes.


A few of you wrote with concerns about this post. The point was that Gee, whose own church has been the most maligned and persecuted in American history, should have known better than to demean another church. We thought the fact that the comments were ironically cast and then thrown back at him would have made that point clear, but apparently we were too clever by half. Our apologies to anyone who thought we were slamming Mormons. We were not. We were slamming Gee, albeit not very effectively.