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Al Featherston On ACC Three Point Shooting

In reference to the note on Saturday’s front page of DBR about Chip Engelland’s 3-point percentage in 1983, you wonder if that was the best in the ACC that year. It wasn’t – N.C. State’s Terry Gannon hit .589 (53-of-90) and was recognized as the ACC leader.

While that’s the highest single-season percentage (of players with enough attempts to qualify), that’s not the official ACC record. Because of the short (17-9) length it’s in its own category. The official record (at 19-9) is held by a Dukie – Christian Laettner’s .557 (54-of-97).

It’s a tough record – the distance moved to 20-9 before the 2009 season. The ACC, while ignoring the one year at 17-9, treats the 19-9 (22 years) and 20-9 records (five years) the same. Although if you wanted a separate record, Jack McClinton of Miami has the best 3-point percentage in the five 20-9 seasons at .453 (101-223) in 2009.