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Stephen Curry, Hall Of Fame Bound

After seeing him locally, if you will, we were pretty sure Stephen Curry was going to be a major NBA player. But he's surpassed our expectations and is on his way to a Hall-Of-Fame career. Deadspin, rather than running a clip of his latest brilliance, chose to use this GIF of his teammates reacting to said brilliance. Basketball fans everywhere can identify. Curry is a phenomenal player.

Speaking of the Warriors, here's a bit about their upcoming new arena. Looks pretty spectacular, not least of all the cutaway to see the BayBridge - and pedestrians can look in too. Brilliant.

Here are some more renderings.

And just as we write this, the Warriors fall to Tim Duncan's San Antonio Spurs in double OT. Curry scored 38 points on 18-35 (51.4%) and played 58 minutes.  His arm must be about to fall off.

Duncan rolls on, seemingly eternal: 19 points and 11 boards.