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How Swofford Pulled It Off

Andrew Carter has a long and very interesting piece up at the N&O about how John Swofford pulled off the grant of rights deal.

Most impressively, FSU trustee Andy Haggard says that Swofford totally won him over:

“I can’t emphasize more how excited I am about (the ACC). Because it’s been a mixed five years here. You had a lot of alumni and boosters and lot of big-time people very unhappy with the ACC. And I was there, too, with them. And I am 100 percent turned around. I’m excited about it. I believe in it.”

As we said recently, much of what's motivating the Big Ten to expand is demographics: theirs are declining. In terms of population and TV markets, the ACC is in the catbird seat.

Now, as we have heard before, the ACC is looking at other prospects, such as playing in Europe.

Of course, not everyone is impressed. And it's a fair point the writer makes here about the corruption money brings.