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Duke Tops Syracuse For Second National Championship

After a slow start, Duke hammered Syracuse, not least of all on faceoffs, where the Devils dominated, and won the national championship 16-10 over the Orangemen.

A known weakness coming into the game, Syracuse gave up 13 straight faceoffs after the first period.

Syracuse went up 4-0 before Duke got in gear and took over.

The man who deserves the most credit? Coach John Danowski, who took over the program when it was in the depths of (false) scandal and led it back to prominence. Duke is now as powerful as any lax program in the nation, and it doesn't look to change anytime soon.

We remember back in - what, '86? - when Duke men's soccer won the school's first national title. Since then, Duke has won in various sports by our count, 12 more, including five by women's golf, or about one every other year. Not bad.